7MES is an IT company for the management of meat processing plants, slaughterhouses and meat processing plants. 7MES is a new dimension in the management of meat processing plants. It allows for precise control, management and decision making and increases productivity and quality.

IT application and solutions for the meat industry 

7MES is a proprietary software application of 7Technology, present on the market of advanced IT services since 2011. The company was established on the basis of many years of experience in implementing IT systems in the meat industry by its founders.

The first 7MES modules were implemented in 2005-2007 in one of the largest companies of the domestic pig sector. In the following years, the 7MES application was developed under the brand of 7Technology. Today, 7MES is a complete IT system implemented in cattle slaughtering and beef processing plants, meat processing plants, including venison, horse slaughter plant. It provides an unprecedented increase in productivity and quality of production.

7MES modularity

Thirteen modules allow for precise control of all areas of meat production. Modularity of the system is its advantage. This implies the ability to implement only the module that the plant needs. Many of the implementations of 7Technologies implement the situation when meat processing plants have implemented their own IT solutions and decide to install only one 7MES module that provides them with more accurate data than their IT system. This is especially true of the module ...... The 7Technology programmers seamlessly integrate 7MES with external systems. Check all 7MES application modules for the meat industry.

7MES Automation

The 7MES IT system represents a new dimension in the management of meat processing plants and slaughterhouses. Get away from the distracted, hand-held [frequent "card"] data collection, in a limited credibility environment, to a single, comprehensive, intuitive system that provides instant access to all the key data that managers can make decisions based on objective data. A system that automates many functions limits the possibility of human error. Check how modern IT systems change the meat industry.

Access hierarchy!

7MES for the meat industry allows you to create a hierarchy of access so that the employees of the individual sections (eg buying, cutting, packaging, etc.) have insight into the data directly required by their work. Management and executives can have a full, current view of progress in the workplace, and can also view data in an analytical perspective (eg in the form of reports), which greatly streamlines decision making and facilitates planning. Check out all the benefits of the 7MES implementation.

Benefits from 7MES 

The implementation of the 7MES application in the meat factory is primarily an immediate access to key plant-wide data and ongoing control over key KPI indicators. You know how much you earn on a given production batch, how much you can operate and how much you earn. Accurate performance analyzes, comprehensive reports, better planning and downtime, and improved OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) ratings! Check out all the benefits of the 7MES implementation.

Integration with SAP / ERP

7MES works with SAP and ERP-based parent systems operating in meat processing plants. It complements them in the areas specific to the functioning of the meat sector [slaughterhouses, meat processing plants, distribution centers], especially processes related to the turnover of farm animals, production processes [slaughter, slaughtering, cutting, cutting calculations, production of smoked meat, freezing and cooling] . 7MES works with SAP and ERP platforms in real-time by downloading and storing data in the central registry. Check out the 7Technology range of SAP and ERP implementations.


7MES / Help Desk / Administration

7Technology provides implementation services for 7MES and maintenance based on Help Desk / Second Level Support [ITIL model]. At the Service Desk level, we provide a single point of contact (SPOC), offering a dedicated IT professional or IT customer support, whose main goal is to seamlessly operate the 7MES system.

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