7MES is an IT company for the management of meat processing plants, slaughterhouses and meat processing plants. 7MES is a new dimension in the management of meat processing plants. It allows for precise control, management and decision making and increases productivity and quality.

Benefits of 7MES in a meat factory

7MES is a complete IT system dedicated to slaughtering and meat processing companies, whose implementation brings an unprecedented increase in productivity and quality of production!

The system offers unique management capabilities, based on objective, quantitative, qualitative and quantitative data, based on everyday planning, production, staffing and sales decisions, collected automatically and in real time from all production sites.

At any time you know how much you earn, or how much and where you are losing, you know what is the use of raw materials and the productivity of the batch, what you can produce, and when there are bottlenecks and bottlenecks, in a word ... you gain full control over the plant, manage and lead a more effective sales policy.

Being aware of the full and precise control of each process and the easy identification of sources of problems brings additional impact in the form of greater discipline among employees, which translates into increased quality and productivity in the various production and administrative areas.

The 7MES IT system is a system that really supports the work of the plant, being today a factor of competitive advantage, and in the future, after its unavoidable dissemination, a fundamental condition of its market functioning. Its implementation means that an IT specialist becomes a key and vital link in the meat business, overseeing and guiding the development of the system, in line with the changing needs of the business.

Benefits of 7MES:

  • Automate the collection and processing of data from all production sites in real time!
  • Integration with all production equipment [weights, meat testing devices, terminals, labeling systems]
  • Compliance with requirements imposed by the HACCP standard [full tracking of batches and components
  • Unprecedented increase in labor productivity, reduction of human error and greater control over the quality of their work!
  • Current access to key data throughout the meat establishment with regard to hierarchization of access!
  • Monitoring of the production process on the scale of the plant or group of plants [capital groups]!
  • Accurate performance analysis and production management [partition calculations, yields]!
  • Optimization of recipes [production technology]!
  • Coherent reporting of production across the whole plant or group of plants [capital groups]!
  • Ongoing control over key KPIs!
  • Making planning decisions, purchasing raw materials, setting sales prices based on objective data!
  • Identification of production areas requiring improvement!
  • Limiting downtime, reducing losses!
  • Improvement of OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) ratios - efficiency of machinery and equipment utilization
  • Seamless integration with SAP, ERP systems!
  • Intuitive interface!
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